NCAA Compliance Coordinator

NCAA Compliance Coordinator

Compliance Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties. The Compliance Coordinator reports to the Director of Athletics and works closely with both the Director of Athletics and the Faculty Athletics Representative, to: (1) ensure compliance with all Western Washington University, conference, and NCAA rules and regulations governing intercollegiate athletics; (2) monitor eligibility of student-athletes; and, (3) communicate with the NCAA and conference about rules interpretations and compliance matters.

The duties of the Compliance Coordinator address administration and reporting, rules education; eligibility, recruitment, and admissions; and, investigation.

Administration and Reporting
  • remain current with and uphold the rules and regulations of the University, conferences of which Western is a member, and the NCAA.
  • participate in the development and review of University policies and procedures regarding compliance matters; assist in monitoring and assessing the effectiveness of the compliance practices of the athletics department.
  • advise the Director of Athletics and Faculty Athletics Representative on compliance related matters.
  • maintain current records for all compliance area, including team rosters.
  • serve as a liaison with the NCAA and conference with regard to rules interpretations and compliance matters; provide rules interpretations for the athletics programs.
  • perform compliance audits as requested by the Director of Athletics and the Faculty Athletics Representative.
  • serve as a member of the Compliance Committee.
  • provide periodic reports related to matters of academic integrity, academic preparation and performance of student-athletes, rules compliance or violations, and other matters related to the intercollegiate athletics program.
  • conduct periodic reviews of records for accuracy and to ensure appropriate and complete documentation.
  • conduct periodic reviews of the mechanisms used to monitor the hourly and weekly limitations on athletically related activities.
  • perform additional duties and special projects as directed by the Director of Athletics and the Faculty Athletics Representative.

Rules Education
  • educate student-athletes, coaches, athletics administrators and staff, and others having relationships with the athletics program (alumni, non athletics department university personnel, and representatives of athletics interests) about University, conferences, and NCAA rules and regulations.
  • contribute to the continuing education of faculty and other members of the university community by providing information and insight about NCAA or conference processes, pending legislation or other important issues.
  • attend annual regional NCAA sponsored rules seminars.
  • participate in the development and maintenance of student-athlete handbook.
  • participate in new student-athletic orientation activities.

Eligibility, Recruitment, and Admissions
  • monitor the eligibility status of all student-athletes; monitor all eligibility functions and staff work involving eligibility to ensure that all certifications for both initial and continuing academic eligibility have been performed correctly, and with adequate documentation.
  • determine the NCAA qualifier status of prospective student-athletes prior to any offer of athletically-related financial aid, including potential admissibility to the University and explanation for denial of a National Letter of Intent.
  • approve requests for National Letters of Intent.
  • prepare petitions for restoration of eligibility, as merited, providing required notice to the Faculty Athletics Representative, the Director of Athletics, and the NCAA.
  • be involved in the preparations of requests for waiver or appeals from NCAA regulation or process; be involved in conference decisions that relate to waivers of conference eligibility requirements, especially academic requirements.
  • investigate transfer and possible transfer student-athletes through contacts with other institutions; oversee the requesting and granting of releases from other institutions.
  • work with representatives of financial aid to determine the student-athlete's eligibility for summer sessions and a post-eligibility year.
  • approve campus visitations for prospective student-athletes. serve as the athletics department liaison with the Admissions Office in monitoring the admission status of new and continuing student-athletes.
  • monitor and review all recruiting activities for adherence to University, conference and NCAA rules and regulations.
  • maintain completed student drug testing release forms and records.

  • participate in investigations in which minor, secondary or major rules violations may have been committed.
  • investigate and report to the Compliance Committee all actions taken on alleged minor rules violations.
  • work with the Faculty Athletics Representative to report all secondary and major violations to the NCAA.


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