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Recruitment Policy

Student-athlete recruitment practices at Western Washington University shall be conducted in compliance with the letter and intent of NCAA and conference recruiting regulations. The recruitment of a student-athlete by Western Washington University or any representative of its athletics interests in violation of NCAA legislation, as either acknowledged by Western Washington University or established through NCAA enforcement procedures, shall result in the student-athlete's becoming ineligible to represent Western Washington University in intercollegiate athletics. The NCAA Eligibility Committee may restore the eligibility of a student involved in such a violation only when circumstances clearly warrant restoration (Bylaw 13:01.1).

Athletics Boosters

Off-campus recruiting shall be limited to authorized athletics department staff members. Off-campus recruiting activities involving personal contact with potential student-athletes by athletics program boosters shall be strictly prohibited.

Recruitment Education

All prospective student-athletes (and their parents and high school coaches, if possible) shall be informed about NCAA and conference recruiting rules and the penalties for violation of those rules.

All athletics personnel who may be involved in recruiting student-athletes shall participate in regular and on-going (annual or more frequent) continuing-education regarding NCAA and conference recruiting rules and the intent of those rules.

NCAA and conference regulations regarding acceptable and prohibited recruiting practices shall be conveyed at least annually to all recognized booster organizations.

Information pertaining to recruitment regulations and practices shall be widely distributed on an on-going basis through the following channels:

  • informational hand-outs available through athletics department, financial aid office, and admissions office representatives;
  • continuing education seminars;
  • alumni, faculty and staff, and athletics booster newsletters;
  • athletics department literature;
  • athletics department and faculty athletics representative internet home pages.


All student-athletes receiving athletics grants-in-aid shall formally list any commitments that have been made to them for any forms of financial assistance including summer jobs other than those contained in their approved financial aid packages.


There shall be regular and on-going monitoring of the extent of actual compliance with NCAA and conference recruiting policies and procedures. Monitoring activities shall be conducted under supervision of the faculty athletics representative and compliance committee by institutional representatives not affiliated with the athletics program.

Expenses associated with the recruitment of student-athletes shall be reviewed on an annual basis by a representative of the financial aid office with the cooperation of the Associate Athletic Director for Business.


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