WWU Cheerleading Squad

2015-16 ROSTER

The purpose of the WWU Cheer Squad is to promote and uphold team spirit for those we encounter, to develop good sportsmanship by example, to support good relations in the community and between teams / squads during events. The goal is to work in harmony within the squad, athletic teams, and community. Members of the WWU Cheer Squad enjoy a truly unique college experience; the WWU Cheer Squad is highly visible always supporting successful WWU Men's & Women's Athletic Programs in front of raving fans. As any athletic team at WWU, cheerleaders must be dedicated to improving their skills, have a positive attitude, be willing to try new things, work hard, be knowledgeable of cheerleading safety regulations, and most importantly represent the ideals set forth by the WWU Mission Statement.

The WWU cheerleading program is a student activity. As a student activity, it's first and foremost responsibility to the student is to support and not to compromise the student's academic career. Secondly, the program should aid in developing the student participant into a responsible, mature and independent adult. The primary purpose of the cheerleader is to be a member of a team, which has as its goal the support of intercollegiate athletics and Western Washington University. That support is directed into the following fundamental purposes: to lead in positive vocal support for the team; to solicit that support from the athletic activity for keeping the crowd's attention/direction focused on the field/court where the intercollegiate activity is taking place; for entertainment purposes and competitive purposes, to lead cheers, and to create an atmosphere of enthusiasm and excitement at sporting events, thereby increasing attendance and raising the level of fan support; to serve as public relations ambassadors of intercollegiate athletics and Western Washington University; to uphold, reflect and project the goals and ideals of the University; to appear at University activities, functions and programs, and at charitable and public causes; and to promote intercollegiate athletics and Western Washington University.

The Western Washington University cheer program has one squad. The squad members cheer for women's and men's basketball and will be required to come to WWU volleyball matches plus select games as a team to attend and support other WWU sports, i.e. Soccer, Softball, Rowing. Cheerleading at Western Washington University is a student activity and a sport.

In addition to basketball games, practices and additional performances, cheerleaders may attend a number of public relations and/or charitable events each year. The coach must approve in advance all appearances by the cheerleaders. Appearances shall be places and events, which are considered in good taste. The cheerleaders shall appear only at events/activities, which will reflect positively on them as individuals, and as representatives of the university.

Seniors Brown Daniels Dolan Juniors Bird Jhaveri Lowry Sophomores Aldrich Crookshank Cummings McCrady Walczak Del Rosario Neary Russo Freshmen Davis Dacones Hake Kaiserschmidt Lancia Team

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For more information on the WWU Cheer Squad please contact,

Katie Rothenberg
Assistant Marketing Director of Athletics & Cheer Advisor
Western Washington University
516 High Street
Bellingham, WA 98225-9066
(360) 650-4314
(360) 650-3495 fax

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