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Receive WWU Final Score Text Updates

The Western Washington University Athletics text message (SMS) notification system for final scores and results is designed to keep WWU fans up to date with the latest results for all WWU NCAA Division II sports. Fans can subscribe to the service free of charge by texting Follow WWUScores to 40404. Please note, standard text message rates may apply, depending on your wireless carrier and service plan.

A Twitter account is not necessary to subscribe and receive SMS text alerts. However, if you have a Twitter account that has a mobile phone number associated with your Twitter account, you have the option to retweet the most recent @WWUScores tweet by sending RT WWUScores to 40404. You can also favorite the most recent tweet sent by @WWUScores by sending Fave WWUScores to 40404. You also have the option to reply to the most recent tweet sent by @WWUScores by texting @WWUScores followed by a message to 40404 (ex. @WWUScores Awesome win! Go Vikings!).

If you do not want to receive text (SMS) alerts but you would still like to follow @WWUScores on Twitter, you can follow @WWUScores at www.twitter.com/WWUScores. Please note, @WWUAthletics is the primary WWU Athletics Twitter account for news, in-game updates and insights while @WWUScores will only share final scores and results for the primary purpose of updating WWU fans with results when contests are finished.

Frequently Asked Questions About SMS Alerts via Twitter

How does the text (SMS) notification system work?
Text alerts, also known as Short Message Service (SMS), are generated from tweets and sent from Twitter to your phone as a text message. @WWUScores will tweet final scores and results for all of the WWU Athletics NCAA Division II sports to keep you updated.

Is it necessary to have a Twitter account for this service?
No, it is not necessary to have a Twitter account. Any fan with a U.S.-based wireless carrier and/or Google Voice number with text messaging capabilities can sign up for the text alerts.

How do I know I am subscribed to receive the alerts?
Soon after texting Follow WWUScores to 40404, you will receive an automated text message that says "You're now following @WWUScores. Their tweets will be sent to you."

Are there any fees for this service?
Signing up for the service is free, although standard text messages rates may apply, depending on your wireless carrier and service plan.

How many texts will I receive?
Alerts are sent out at the conclusion of athletic contests. You will receive one text per WWU competition with a final score or result summary.

How do I cancel the text message alerts?
At any time if you would like to cancel the text message alerts, simply text OFF WWUScores to 40404. If you can to subscribe again, simply text Follow WWUScores to 40404.

Can I choose to receive texts from specific sports only?
Unfortunately, no. The service does not have sport-specific capabilities. However, you can subscribe or unsubscribe from the service at any time. So, if you desire to follow a specific sport but not others, you can subscribe to the service during the season in which your desired sport competes and then cancel the service when the season is over.

Subscription and cancellation for the service is as simple as texting Follow WWUScores to 40404, then canceling the service by sending OFF WWUScores to 40404. You can turn the service on or off as many times as desired.

How quickly are the updates sent after each contest?
You will receive alerts as soon as possible following the conclusion of an event, typically within five minutes of the conclusion of the contest.


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